Healthcare Apprenticeships

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UK Education Unity (UKEU)

UK Education Unity is a UK registered charity providing employment, apprenticeships, and education to people from all backgrounds. In particular, we specialise in apprenticeship programs in which we teach a wide variety of skills, and we encourage other businesses to do the same.

We want to encourage more businesses to run apprenticeship programs, as well as encouraging prospective students to choose apprenticeships.

In order to do this, we provide businesses with resources and guidance regarding apprenticeships. This includes information about apprenticeships, their benefits, and how to go about the hiring process. In addition, we offer specific advice to businesses who are thinking about apprenticeships, and can help you through the process.

UK College of Business (UKCB)

The UK College of Business (UKCB) was first established in 2013 to provide higher education to students. During their time at UKCB, apprentices not only learn what is required in the curriculum but also feel that they have acquired enough knowledge and discipline to find suitable jobs, which will change their life.

We encourage the students to feel free to communicate with their tutors and classmates in order to make the nest of their potential. We aim to make continuous enhancements to the students’ learning, so that they can progress to their next stage of life without much difficulty.

Throughout your course, we will provide support and guidance so that you get the maximum benefit from our academic and non-academic facilities. In short, we would like you to feel at all times that your stay with us has been worthwhile.

Alpha College Online

Our aim here at Alpha College is to create a space where learning is as accessible as possible, in order to make it easier for you to gain the skills, training, experience and qualifications you want and possibly need for future endeavours. Whatever your goal, we are here to help, support and guide you throughout your journey.

Our programs are designed to be flexible and tailored towards your needs, so that you are able to learn in your own way. In particular, we provide easy to access e-learning led by our trained instructors, as well as mentor and collaborative learning at training centers. As a result, students have the flexibility to decide when, where and how they progress and receive the academic programs and learning services.

We carefully develop our innovative programs to ensure every aspect of our courses and learning development, administration and delivery of courses work to our students benefit. In order to give students educational excellence, we understand individuals have different methods of learning and our teaching methods portray this. As a result, the students have the opportunity to achieve their goals and beyond.

We need You!

The NHS is a large employer in the UK, employing over 1.1 million healthcare workers. Currently, the NHS is facing a skills shortage as there are not enough people entering the profession to fill these roles. Consequently, there is a need for alternative recruitment methods, such as apprenticeships.

How do Apprenticeships work?

20% - Learning with a registered training provider
80% - Working at a company getting on-the-job experience

End Point Assessments - to determine your final grade

Why choose a healthcare apprenticeship?

Healthcare is a fast-paced, high-demand industry that offers plenty of opportunities for growth later in your career. Usually, someone looking to start a career in healthcare would consider university, but university is not affordable or accessible to everyone. With this in mind, if you’re interested in working in the healthcare field, you may also consider choosing a healthcare apprenticeship, which can teach you everything from how to manage medicines safely to how to administer first aid quickly and efficiently.

During your apprenticeship you will learn theoretical knowledge in the college, as well as doing work-based training with an employer. This means that while you’re working towards your qualification you will also be earning money. Apprenticeships allow people from different backgrounds and those who may not have been able to afford university fees to enter the labour market at an early age and gain valuable experience whilst on their journey towards becoming fully qualified professionals.

Benefits of doing a healthcare apprenticeship

Earn While you Learn

While you train to become a professional in your field, you will also get paid. This means that you can start earning money straight away and hence avoid debt from student loans.

High quality Training

You will receive high-quality training from expert tutors and employers

Practical Experience

While you are still in education, you also gain practical experience in your field. As a result, you gain an advantage over those who have only academic qualifications with no work experience.

University vs. Apprenticeship

Which is a better way to start your career?

You Pay

£9250 per year

You Get Paid

a minimum apprentice’s wage of £4.81 per hour

3 years commitment

minimum for a Bachelor’s degree

1 year to 18 months

depending on the level of apprenticeship

Academic Qualification

with no practical experience

Qualification AND Experience

Gain experience while in education

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See What you could do

Find out what career paths you can do with a healthcare apprenticeship

Dental Apprenticeships provide you with the proper skills and experience by learning from an experienced professional about dental care. This includes working with patients and providing them with a better understanding of keeping mouths clean as well as keeping gums and teeth healthy.


Dental Nurse – supporting dentists

Dental technician – creating dentures, crowns, bridges and other similar appliances

You can do an apprenticeship to become a nursing associate, which is a new role working under healthcare support workers and nurses to provide care to patients. This can later be used as a stepping stone into an apprenticeship in nursing under the following 4 fields: Adult, Children, Learning Disability, or Mental Health

Emergency services are the front line when people need urgent care. Hence it is a fast paced environment, where you have to make quick decisions. 

To begin with, you can start your career working as a call handler, or in the ambulance crew, or in the emergency department. Taking care of a patient from home to the hospital is a process that requires certain actions and rules to follow, that is why we put all our effort into providing proper training for our apprentices.

A huge part of the NHS and modern medicine relies on technology and therefore it is essential to have staff that are working in these fields. If science and technology is your passion, why not consider becoming an apprentice in one of the many roles such as IT/data, engineering, pharmaceuticals, radiography and support physician.

Therapy and support work apprenticeships can take you in numerous directions later in your career. These areas of healthcare are important as they focus on improving the lives of the patients. In particular, you can work with patients who are struggling with their illness, mental health, or who are navigating different kinds of situations.

Healthcare Apprenticeships