What are all the different types of apprenticeships on offer?

There are many different types of apprenticeships. They range from Business to health and public services, to retail and construction. You can always find an apprenticeship in most working categories. This is amazing because it allows people to find a job in something they will definitely enjoy.

The list goes on and on with all the different types of apprenticeships that people are able to do. Let’s start with the main industry’s you can look into starting an Apprenticeship in.

There is; Business, Administration, Law, Health, public services and care, retail, commercial enterprise, Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies, Construction, Planning and building. These aren’t all the industry’s either, many other work places take on apprentices within their companies too.

Every apprenticeship offers a different level of qualification too, they range from four different levels and it all depends on what apprenticeship you do.

Intermediate(Level 2)

The first apprenticeship level is a level two apprenticeship, also known as intermediate. This sort of apprenticeship is equivalent to five GCSE grades ranging from an A*- C. This is purely a work based learning qualification that allows you to learn key skills for the role, also known as a BTEC. This level of apprenticeship takes about twelve to eighteen months to complete and is the most popular one.

Advanced(Level 3)

An advanced level three apprenticeship is simply an equivalent to two A-Level passes. Companies may offer this to someone who has already completed a level 2 or who already has GCSEs. This is also another very popular option.

Higher(Level 4 and above)

A level four apprenticeship is more or less a foundation degree equivalent. These are normally used deep within a company to help someone progress even further. This level is higher than an advanced but it’s not quite a degree level.

Degree(Level 6-7)

Now this level of apprenticeship is usually a degree level in which the participant studies at a college or university. This apprenticeship style is particularly popular in people that are unsure of university or do not want to pay the tuition fees. They are most popular with school leavers however they are suitable for everyone.

There are so many different options out there, and so many levels that apprenticeships can take you. So many people are opting for an apprenticeship route and this is why.

By Autumn Wheatley




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