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“Content” is information (material) produced for an audience to consume. This includes information produced for the media, arts, and communication sectors.

The creation of content is the act of contributing information, often through digital media, to a specific audience for an end-user or a specific purpose.

Who is content creator

Content Creators create informative or entertaining or educational content to communicate their thoughts in various media.

Content Creation goes beyond technical skill, such as photography and videography, and dives into the details about your business and your target audience. 

It determines what they need and want from you and how the information should be presented in the most effective format.

The first step in the process of content creation is to define your goal.


Define goal of content creation

Before you create anything, it’s crucial to understand why you’re doing it.

A goal is the first step in creating content. How will you evaluate whether or not your campaign was successful? Does it have to do with traffic? Subscriptions? Downloads of apps? Sales? Social engagement? Views of videos? Listening to podcasts? Any other metrics

The best-selling author, prolific marketer, and entrepreneur Seth Godin emphasizes the importance of understanding why before starting.

“You have the freedom to make these choices at the beginning when they’re free, fast and easy. Not later on when you’ve made commitments to other people and yourself.”

By knowing your goal early on, you can make other important decisions regarding your content marketing strategy.

Such as, what are we creating? What is the purpose? To what extent will we distribute our content?

In Godin’s words, building a strategy is like building a ship. Before you begin nailing boards together, you need to determine where the ship will sail.

As Godin emphasizes, “Matching what you build to where you put it is more important than what you build in the first place. That’s why we need to start by understanding what is this for?”

As soon as you set this larger goal, you can easily determine the conversion rate – based on your average conversion rate- how many viewers, listeners, and subscribers you need to attract to your content in order to reach your goal.

To reach your conversion rates, you’ll need to bring in a sufficient number of the right kind of visitors to your blog. And to attract enough traffic, you’ll have to promote your content including creating compelling headlines.

Publication syndication, being mentioned in major industry blogs and influencer sharing, and so on and so forth.

There are no exact formulas for content marketing, but the more you execute, build a portfolio of content, and promote it, the more you will understand what your baseline returns are and how you should optimize.

In my future blog, I am going to write about the research and understand your audience and create your audience personas.

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