Are apprenticeships more affordable than university?

Apprenticeships are very popular in todays generation. But are you better off money wise? Apprenticeships have given young people that may not have the grades or the money to go to university a chance. It allows them to earn money whilst learning. Some people may even secure a job at the end.

Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity for the company involved too. It gains them someone who knows all about the company, and has all the relevant experience they need from the word go.

University’s however have been around for a very long time. They have always been some peoples main goal in life, to enable them to achieve their desired career. University is amazing for certain career paths, and definitely desirable for certain jobs . I think it all depends on you as a person too. Some people love to learn and love to be in a classroom setting. However, some people love to be actively doing something and visually learning.

Apprenticeships can be restrictive when it comes to learning new skills. This is because the training you receive is specific to a particular industry and job role. However this doesn’t stop you taking your skills and training else where. Most people that want to join an apprenticeship have a career in mind, so this is never a problem.

How well do apprenticeships pay?

Furthermore, I think that the reason this question comes up is because of an apprentices wage. If you are someone with responsibility, the money can be tough. If you take a look at the Government apprenticeship funding website, this website explains everything you need to know about the pay.

When working as an apprentice, your pay does increase with your age and experience. Although this is the case for a lot of apprenticeships, it’s not for all. Some apprenticeships schemes can pay more but they always have to pay the minimum wage for an Apprentice.

Student Finance

Most people that attend university take out student loans which enables them to pay for their tuition fees and live, also to pay for books etc. However, this is then paid back as soon as you start to earn enough money. The amount that you pay back a month, all depends on the amount you earn, not what you owe. If you take a look at the Student Finance page on the government website, it will tell you what you need to know.

I think when it comes down to university or apprenticeships, Its always going to be personal preference. The fact you can earn while you learn is amazing and I think that’s why apprenticeships are so popular. More and more companies are opting for hiring apprentices because experience is so valuable and rare. Apprenticeships are the future and they are slowly catching more and more peoples eyes due to the amazing benefits that come with them.

I think that when it comes down to apprenticeships being more affordable, I think it’s more based on not having a debt at the end. With an apprenticeship you don’t have that worry of having to pay back any money. You are being paid to learn, instead of paying to learn. That is what makes them the future. Education and work, working together. It’s amazing to know that people always have that option and opportunity right at their door.


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